About Us



A small startup against a big problem

We felt like we needed more time away from our screens after seeing how much it was affecting us, so we created Pombox.

We tried the apps, we tried device controls, and many of the "tips and tricks" that are out there. The problem always circled back to the phone's physical presence would trigger deeply ingrained usage habits. 

Having a product that could visibly & physically remove the smartphone from our reach is what we were after. So we created it.

Pombox was initially created to be a productivity tool to help those in their respective work environments; however, after seeing the massive benefits of long periods of uninterrupted work, we saw other possible applications. 

Academic performance was the most obvious and clear - students struggle deeply to focus for long stretches of time while they are immersed in a hyper-social culture.

Then, we started using Pombox to supplement a proper sleep cycle. Like magic, we started seeing shorter periods to fall asleep, longer periods of actual sleep time, and a much more natural way to wake up and start your day.

One of the largest problems of technology addition was staring us in the face that we then saw a fourth potential application for Pombox - quality time with others.

Seeing friends, family, and colleagues hunched over an illuminated screen during meal times made us realize it could help us be more present and intentional with one another. 

What should be clear is that we absolutely love technology here at Pombox. The incredible power and liberty that the technological revolution has brought about has significantly increased our standard of living.

Our hope with Pombox is that we can bring a little more balance and "the human element" to the lives of many - to restore focused productivity, a deeper sleep routine, and device-free time to spend and enjoy with others.