Frequently asked questions


Q: Why should I use Pombox instead of turning it on airplane mode, enabling usage restrictions/tracking, or just powering the device off?

A: Pombox believes in the phrase "out of sight, out of mind". 

Frequently, it is too difficult to overcome smartphone temptations and rely on willpower while the product is visible and within arms reach.

Pombox is an alternative solution that gives a true sense of separation from your device and optimizes focus, according to research.


Q: What if there's an emergency and I need to use my phone while it is locked?

A: Pombox has two different locking modes; soft lock mode and hard lock mode.

Soft lock mode allows the user to override the lock at any point during the locking cycle. This allows the user to get the benefits of having their device temporarily inaccessible and physically removed, but can still utilize it within seconds in the case of an emergency. Soft lock is usually preferred for students, working professionals, and before-bed use. 

Hard lock mode makes the device inaccessible during the entire duration of the lock time. This is a great option for those those who want a complete lockdown on their devices during lock time. Hard lock mode is a great option for parents locking up children's devices, students who need unparalleled focus for important assignments or exams, or professionals who need interrupted productivity time.


Q: Can I charge my phone while it is locked away?

A: Yes, there is an opening that allows the charging cable to be wired through the Pombox and into your device. 


Q: How many devices can Pombox hold?

A: Pombox is 8" (wide) x 8" (deep) x 5" (tall). We can comfortable fit 4 oversized smartphones . Pombox can also hold the newest PlayStation, XBOX, and Nintendo controllers. 


Q: I'm not a tech addict, why should I consider getting a Pombox?

A: Pombox is about promoting balance in the home, classroom, workplace, and in all aspects of life. Even if you have healthy usage habits, Pombox can help give you back weeks of life back from the occasional mindless smartphone use.

Less screentime = higher quality of life. 

Research shows that reduced screentime results in; more sleep, higher quality of sleep, reduced stress, reduced anxiety, lowered states of boredom, more (real) social encounters, increased focus, improved memory, longer attention span, and improved levels of happiness.


Q: Can my kid hack into the Pombox?

A: No, unlike nearly all usage apps, Pombox cannot be overrided (in hard lock mode). Since it doesn't rely on passcodes, logins, or any forms of approval, it cannot be hacked/overrided while on hard mode.


 Q: Can Pombox be used for other items I want to keep away?

 A: Absolutely. Pombox can be used for smartphones, gaming systems/controllers, remotes, sweets, cigarettes, tobacco/intoxicants, credit cards, and anything else you would like to put away.